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What is the real inspiration behind starting Eunoiabyher?

Updated: May 13, 2021

In everyone’s life, there is a turning point and Eunoia was ours. By the time the owner has graduated university, she got lots of interviews in many companies all of which she was a final candidate. Throughout this journey, she worked in 9 companies and she admit they were all not where she belonged. She got frustrated for days and careless at other times. She suffered from anxiety and believed she is not capable but that did not last for long. It was quite okay to go through all the phases of grief after losing several fights – from denial, anger, lack of self-acceptance, and finally, acceptance. The moment she accepted disappointments, was the moment she moved on. She believed that God was closing all these doors cause they were never meant to open for her. In the repetition of incidents, she learnt to read between the lines. She finally found her message. She found her Eunoia. "I decided to use fashion as a platform to guide other women to reach their own Eunoia. A lot of women lack confidence, are underestimated by society & a lot of women are in need. How a woman dresses plays a huge role in how confident she feels and we wanted to make sure we can give back as much as we can to her. Therefore, all of our designs are made by women from A to Z. We support female designers and tailors who deserve to be seen. Finally, a percentage of profits that are made will be used to support women in need all-around-the-world" ~Farah Ahmed, Owner and Co-founder It was those 9 challenges that changed things in her. Those previous limitations or failures were the true fuel to succeed and overcome all that she had to go through. "Now, and due to God’s plans, I can proudly say that I am opening doors, doors to a better future. In my own steps, I will achieve, I will become and I will be remembered. I won’t settle for just an existence and I am promising myself an absolute commitment to excellence." ~Farah Ahmed, Owner and Co-founder

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